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"To secure your love and satisfaction through sincere and credible service and to find the right partner of your dreams"


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Rules & Regulations


The name & address furnished in the form of Astha Marriage Bureau will be kept confidential and will be accessible only to bonafide member of Astha Marriage Bureau

Astha Marriage Bureau's working is a professional one and at most care is taken to give maximum information. of the boy/girl, their family and expectations in three parts of the form.

Photo, name & address will be known on the net, once the member establishes his proper identity. This will take care of personal & confidential nature as well as will avoid misuse.

Astha Marriage Bureau, provides the facility of registration on Internet. The user can fill the form in detail,  on the web site and can just click on "Submit" or he can download / print the form from  the web site, complete all the details required and forward the same to Astha Marriage Bureau by post/courier. The form is well designed and divided into three parts. It will be taken for granted that the information furnished is true and Astha Marriage Bureau is not responsible if any information is far from true.

Membership number:- Once your completed form along with payment is received at Astha Marriage Bureau,an unique membership number will be allotted to you. This will be your ID no. for all future correspondences.

System & Procedure:

Once you become member of Astha Marriage Bureau and it becomes our responsibility to take care of the rest, but the nature of the service depends on the tariff/plan you had opted for.

Please answer each & every letter received by you as a marriage proposal. Even negative reply. Should be sent immediately

. Always mention your membership no. of Astha Marriage Bureau.

Astha Marriage Bureau cross checks the information provided by the client, so playing tricky will not be of any use.

Once your marriage is fixed through Astha Marriage Bureau or through other source please informs us to let us update the same in our record.

Astha Marriage Bureau Marriage Consultants aims at bringing like-minded, prospective individuals together. We fulfill the needs of today's single men and women who are searching for convenient and effective ways to find your better half.

To register at Astha Marriage Bureau, a marriage consultant with a wide network of branches all over West Bengal and a huge databank of thousands of possible matches, you are requested to give your details at any of our branches or upload the required information in the prescribed format. The registration form should be filled clearly in detail and truthfully. Once registered, make sure you receive the registration number allotted by us. When contacting our other branches you should first mention this registration number.

After completion of your registration, you will be informed of all the possible matches suitable to your requirements. If any of the matches are to your liking, we will make speedy arrangements for your meeting.

If you register at any one of our branches, you will be entitled for all our services from any of our branches in West Bengal.

If from any of our branches, you are contacted for a possible alliance, you should reply or get in contact with that same branch for further proceedings. So when you receive a call from a particular branch, note down the callers name and the branch he/she has called from.

Caste, religion, family, place, job , income, financial status, educational qualification, looks, behaviour, suitable matching of horoscopes all these factors are taken into account before a suitable match is found. For this, we have a dedicated team of employees available at our offices itself.

Astha Marriage Bureau in Kolkata offering Indian matrimonial services, match making services, confidential match making services, internal information and arranging cordial meetings with family members. It is engaged in providing services like pre matrimonial investigation services, post matrimonial investigation services, spouse activity check services, illegal affair investigation services and post employee verification services.

Now finding your special someone could not be easier! Just select the search option for finding the person who meets your dreams, these search options could helps you in finding the person you've been looking for! To help you find your desired partner, we are always aggressive towards providing best genuine profiles on our website. Your satisfaction is our prime motto.

Located in the DUM DUM  region of North Kolkata and the city office at the posh locality of cornfield road at Ballgame, Astha Marriage Bureau takes pride in having a number of branches nationwide. The headquarter is easily accessible via telephones or emails. Mr. Soumendu Sen personally meets the clients helping him to take a judgment of nature and the type of personality each one has for paring the couple. Information is enveloped in the membership form to know their social and financial .

Astha Marriage Bureau aims at uniting the best pairs so that they would have a happy married life, after all marriages are made in heaven, we just unite them.

We have a huge database of more than 12000 profiles & an excellent success rate. A comprehensive and complete service in west Bengal and to the foreign countries had identified plenty of pleased customers. Families settled abroad are utilizing the intimate service to find a right bride/groom of their preference. So that we have created a network worldwide which enable every member to find their dream partner from across the globe?

Our frame of mind speaks for its own the sincerity and trustworthiness in our service. The profiles at intimate could be accessed without any difficulty and your life partner is found easily. The schedule at intimate proves the only resource for a 
professional service.

As per our data management all those data are removed which reaches the stage of engagement.....

Astha Marriage Bureau,





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